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Your bathroom and home are almost certainly prone to moisture that circulates around while you are taking a shower.

This in turn can cause condensation, dampness, mould and mildew to build up within your home….which can be both unhealthy and unsightly!

How can you keep your bathroom looking good for longer and free from damp and condensation?

The simple and cost effective solution is to install a Showerdome.


What Are the BenefitsOf Installing A Showerdome?

There are a range of benefits to be gained when you opt to install a Showerdome these include:

  • Elimination of steam
  • Prevent mould & mildew build up
  • Helps to save energy
  • Helps to save water
  • Which in turn saves you money
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes
  • Compatible with most showers

To find out more about Showerdomes and how they can benefit you, give the Showerman team a call on 0800 746 962, alternatively you can drop us an email or visit our showroom location.

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